Yes, the news portal publishes paid content (advertorials). We work with numerous partners in Switzerland and abroad.

The conditions:

Version 1:
EUR 250.00 guaranteed for 12 months, then lifetime free as long as is online.

Version 2:
EUR 350.00 guaranteed for 24 months, then lifetime free as long as ist online.

Discounts / price reductions:
We only grant discounts from 10 advertorials per calendar year.

The invoice is issued immediately after the text is activated via PayPal (you will receive a PayPal invoice). Payment must be made via Paypal within 3 days of the text being activated. Please send us the exact invoice address and email address for the invoice with the order.

You must provide the texts in German. If you supply images or graphics, we need full copyrights (we do not use Flickr images). Do-follow links are possible.

Content restrictions:
Advertorials and native ads can be rejected by the editorial team. We do not publish texts about dating platforms, esotericism, eroticism (sex/porno), trading in binary options and online pharmacies (medicines), etc.

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